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"Go find yourself first....So you can also find me."

“Only the development of love and compassion for others can bring us the tranquility and joy we seek.” 

This quote from the Dalai Lama is very true in couple’s therapy. What we are actually working on is how we can bring joy within ourselves. We do not have the power to change our partner but we have control over changing ourselves.

In session we focus on what brought you together and what are the triggers that are tearing you apart. These blocks to a loving relationship may be financial stressors, infidelity, changing life stages, sexual issues, family and cultural issues, addiction, mental and physical illness or any of life’s many transitions.

Having forgiveness, compassion and appreciation for our partner, we have a chance to expand as an individual as well as a couple. This can lead to a stronger more fulfilling relationship or a more loving and compassionate separation.

My goal is to provide a place of peace and safety for you to grow from the experience. This is a time to focus on you as well as on the relationship and feel comfort in knowing you are not alone in this process of change and transition.