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"Shine like the whole universe is yours."

Wise Women's Support Group

Thursdays 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Fee: $360 for 6 weeks

Are you feeling confused as to what is next in your life?  Feeling isolated or not heard? Do you miss the connection with a loving community? Are you feeling anxious, sad, fearful, exhausted, confused, lack focus?

I invite you to join our Women’s Support Group. It is a safe, loving, creative and inspirational group of women who share similar emotions. We will be working on such Topics as:

Physical: Effects of Illness, Loss & Grief, Fear around Death & Dying

Relationship: Change of Roles, Family & Friend Support, Loss of Relationship

Environmental:  Loss of Home, Job or Business, Changing World

Self-Actualization: Spiritual Growth, Life Purpose

You are not alone with what you are feeling~ and you don’t have to journey down this unknown road by yourself.

This is the reason we are forming a Women’s Group, to be with others who “get it” who “feel similar”. It is healthy and comforting to have a place to tell our story, be supported and to support others. Through a variety of experiences (ex. Art, Meditation, Readings, Poetry, Music and Friendships) we will explore who we are, our purpose in life and how we can “Feast on Our Life” ….. just the way it is.

If you feel that this is something which you are interested in,
please call me for more information.